2016 Wedding Trends

2016 Wedding Trends


It’s all about the GLITZ and GLAM these days. Gold, rose gold, copper, silver and other metallic color palettes are making their way through the foil-printed stationery, sparkling table linens, and metallic bridal attire. Even the food and drink are getting in on the action with shiny blush icings and rose-hued cocktails. One thing’s for sure, rose-gold and copper are two of the most popular metallic shades in 2016.


Before people post pictures on social media, their first thought is to determine if the photo is social-media worthy. “How many ‘likes’ will I get?”, they ask themselves. Brides take all of this into consideration when planning their wedding theme. They come up with over-the-top, exaggerated displays, backdrops, entertainment, and even food options. They want their photos (and most importantly, Social Media photos) to be one that everyone with remember…forever.


With the rising costs of weddings these days, more couples are choosing intimate gatherings over large amount of guests. This is especially true if the couple is paying for the entire bill themselves. Hence, specialty venues like rustic barns, chateaus, industrial lofts, beach house, and even private estates are now found to be most appealing for smaller crowds. This allows the couple to casually mingle with everyone!

More brides now prefer draught-resistant plants like succulents. Succulent arrangements can be enjoyed months after the wedding or replanted in the garden because they have the ability to thrive on limited water sources (such as mist and dew), which makes them equipped to survive in an ecosystem that contains scarce water sources. Incorporating natural lavender sprigs, blooming branches, and decorative leaves into succulent arrangements make creative centerpieces for rustic table settings.

Soft lighting is the key to creating a romantic and intimate environment. Pendant lights with bare Edison bulbs suspend from the ceiling cast a soft glow. These bulbs are making a comeback since renowned inventor Thomas Edison created them in the late 1870s. These bulbs add a personal touch to homes as well as high-end establishments. More and more, modern lighting fixtures are being designed to showcase these vintage wonders in the form of chandeliers and candelabras. Fortunately, these bulbs are taking us back to the future, because Edison-style bulbs are now available in LED!


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