25 ways to show your spouse you care

25 ways to show your spouse you care

  1. Remember what their favorite things are – sports, snacks, restaurants, movies, games, friends, etc.
  2. When they are stressed, stay next to them. If you notice that something is aggravating them, inquire and see if they want to open up about it.
  3. Let them tell you about the great workout they had.
  4. Choose a show or movie that they want to watch and watch it together – even if it isn’t your cup of tea
  5. Get back to each other quickly when you text one another. Sometimes, you’re busy but at least send a note to say you got the message.
  6. Have a phone free zone each night and use that time to talk.
  7. If you haven’t had a chance to go on a real date in a while, plan one out that you’ll both enjoy.
  8. Never forget to appreciate each other for the small things – like doing the laundry or refilling the toilet paper.
  9. Randomly call or text each other during lunch simply to say “hello”.
  10. When you’ve decided to stay keep a budget – stick with it. Check with the other if you need to go off budget.
  11. Troll his/her Amazon “wish list” and surprise them with a gift.
  12. When they have a concern for a friend or family member, be sympathetic to it.
  13. Never allow time with your friends or co-workers take priority over you time with each other and the family.
  14. Pay attention to the important events taking place in each other’s lives and be sure to inquire about them.
  15. When the other is talking, keep eye contact.
  16. Respond to each other when you speak – do not zone out.
  17. Be inquisitive with each other – ask questions like you did when you first started dating.
  18. When you sense that one is nervous, go and comfort them.
  19. Give a laugh or at least a smile when they are being funny.
  20. Each time your spouse enters and exits, smile. Say hello and give each other a greeting and a kiss.
  21. When they are finished with a project in the house, acknowledge it.
  22. Be intentional in making time for intimacy.
  23. Be aware of spending too much time on your devices when you’re in each other’s presence.
  24. Clean the car for each other.
  25. If the tank is low, fill up the gas before he/she takes it next.

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