Beach Weddings and Elopements in Honolulu Hawaii – Oahu

Beach Weddings and Elopements in Honolulu Hawaii – Oahu

Beach Weddings in Hawaii

Couples are always thinking big when they start dreaming about their wedding destination. The idea of turning that destination wedding into a reality is sometimes easier than you would think, and having your wedding ceremony at great Hawaii beach is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. With some careful planning and a lot of happiness, the wedding of your dreams is definitely possible. You can have your wedding ceremony in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and you will get a spectacular and exciting event.

While some people think they can only have a wedding in their local home area. Every year there are thousands of people who organize and plan a destination wedding. Also, there are many people who understand how exciting the process can be, and get a first-hand experience of how special their wedding day really is, and the fun involved in traveling somewhere to get married. While the idea of a Las Vegas wedding is typically the first thought to cross many people’s minds, the idea of Hawaii beach weddings is also very popular.

With lots of beautiful resorts spread out across the Hawaii islands, especially on the island of Oahu, you are definitely going to find the perfect resort for your needs. You will also find the perfect dress, wedding ensemble and decorations to create the wedding of your dream. You don’t have to worry about anything. If you’re thinking of having your wedding at a beach wedding, then you are definitely going to think of the best location and Hawaii is one of the few places where you can have your wedding ceremony.

Also, there are many great wedding planners and coordinators in the Hawaii area who can assist you with all of the small details that can disrupt your dream wedding. Getting the help of someone that is very conversant with the area can help to ensure that you know how much it is going to cost, what you will get from the ceremony and can make all of the decisions you need to actually enjoy your wedding day, rather than spend it finalizing your decisions.

Elopements in Hawaii

Not all couple dream of having a flamboyant wedding. For some, they like the privacy or the spontaneity of eloping. These are some ideas on the ways to handle the distinctive aspects of an elopement.

A true elopement is when a couple leaves there comfort zone to get married all by themselves. Maybe they have known each other for some years, and they decide to get married by getting on a plane to Hawaii. Or maybe the groom and bride have had a brief but passionate whirlwind courtship and spontaneously decide to get married. What these types of elopements have in common is that they are spur of the moment, and above all, done without telling family or friends first.


Nowadays, some couples don’t have any secret elopements in which they will inform some close friends on their plans, and may even bring along a maid of honor, best man, and witnesses to their vows. What this type of elopement has in common is that the couple still keeps their big announcement till after the ceremony. However, there are still a group of people that know about this wedding ceremony.

There are several reasons why a couple may decide to elope instead of having a traditional wedding. Freedom is absolutely one of the big reasons. Some couples may fear family objections, and decide to pre-empt them by marrying without seeking for the approval of their parents. There are also some couples, who have been planning a big wedding, but they found themselves overwhelmed by the enormity of it, and they decide to scrap the big production in favor of a small but meaningful ceremony that only involves the two of them.

Whatever the reason for choosing to elope, there are things that you need to understand. A practical thing is to know about the laws of the state in which you plan to be wed. The reason is that in some iconic location for elopements they have different process that you need to follow. Your wedding planner can easily help you with all this information. Therefore you don’t have to stress yourselves.  

You must also be ready to make your ceremony feel like a real wedding, even if it only involves the pair of you. The bride must still wear special wedding jewelry and beautiful new dress. Her dress should be something new and gorgeous that is good for the occasion. One of the most attention-grabbing parts of eloping is the aftermath. You must be ready for the fact that some members of your family may be more shocked than overjoyed. And if you get married without informing your best friend, expect some hurt feelings. Once everything is settled a bit, the couple may decide to host a small reception in honor of their marriage. This is one of the best ways to celebrate your marriage with those that you love.

Eloping can be dramatic and fun, and it is definitely something that couples have been doing since the beginning of time. If you are thinking about going down this path, just make sure that you have taken enough time to reflect on what it means to be married. This will ensure that your heart is following your head, not the other way around. And if you do decide to elope, then elopement in Hawaii on the island of Oahu is the best place you can be.

Elopement or Big Wedding?

As a couple should you have a big wedding in your hometown or run off and get married privately somewhere? There are pros and cons to each approach. These are some of the things to consider when deciding between an elopement and a big wedding.

There is something romantic about the idea of eloping. Since it is a special and private ceremony for just the groom and bride. An elopement is all about the marriage itself, excluding the trappings of a big formal wedding. No favors, no programs, no bridesmaid dresses, no groomsmen gifts and much more. And eloping doesn’t mean that the ceremony will be held in a cold courthouse; one of the best things about an elopement can be that the bride and groom can afford to run off to Hawaii for their wedding.

For some couples, the main idea and approach to a wedding is having a low-key wedding ceremony at the destination of their choice. This is why some bride who is having a traditional wedding at home wish to run off to Hawaii with her fiancé. The change to evade endless discussions with the families of the bride and groom about the guest list, etiquette, the budget, colors, and all other things that go into a wedding can be priceless. It is certain that a low-key elopement will help to reduce the stress of planning a wedding.


On the other hand, elopements can involve a lonely ceremony. Planning a big wedding involves a lot of work; however, you need to take some time to think about what you get back in return. After all, you are giving groomsmen gifts, printing programs and all of that in honor of the people that will be available on your wedding day. The most important things about having the big wedding is that all of the people who are important in your life will be there to celebrate one of the happiest days of your life. For many couples, this is definitely a special gift that far outweighs a low-key wedding.

The feelings of your families are another reason not to discount the idea of the traditional wedding too quickly. While it in most cases the whole point of the elopement is to get away from family. It depends on your family dynamics. Some brides and grooms families may agree to elopements, and tell the couple to get married on a beach with their blessing. This is just an ideal type of elopement; the groom and bride can have a peaceful ceremony that only involves the two of them, yet there won’t be any hard feelings with the family.

Whichever you choose, once you have decided, you must stick by your choice. There may be some family members that will question your decision to elope, but on the other hand, if you have a big wedding, there will be those that will say you have spent too much money in just a day and that you should have eloped. Since you can’t make everyone happy, it’s important that the groom and bride have the type of wedding that will make them happy and have a great ceremony, whether it involves a beach wedding or elopement.

Destination Wedding Packages For Couples

More and more couples each year are making the decision to add some adventure into their lives and their wedding by traveling to a romantic destination to tie the knot. Destination wedding packages exist for every romantic venue you can imagine. One of the most affordable and most popular venues for tying the knot turns out to be the beach. That’s right, a beach wedding in Hawaii.

Some couples and their families consider it to be the best wedding destination of all. There are many locations for beach weddings and if you want to put make use of your passport there is really only one choice, it’s in Hawaii on the beautiful highland of Oahu. Hawaii wedding packages make planning your destination wedding in Oahu a stress-free. You can get help from a professional coordinator who has good knowledge of the best location this can make your perfect day happen whether you dream of an intimate sunset beach ceremony or elopements in Hawaii.


You will also want to ensure that you have great photos that capture the memories and images of your day. It’s the perfect location for romantic beach weddings and the climate in Hawaii is wonderful year round. Costs for destination wedding packages differ based on the actual wedding location, the services you would like to get, the size of your group and the destination. Beach weddings can be an actual bargain when you compare it to the cost of a traditional wedding ceremony.

There are numerous variations of packages that you can choose from, which means that there are destination wedding packages that are suitable for everyone’s needs. You must ensure that you double check to see what your packages are included. For example, will your wedding package include photography, officiant services, airline tickets, transportation, make up, etc.? Many destination wedding packages can be found on the internet, and you must ensure that you select and hire a reputable wedding planner that you can work with.

Wedding Packages Includes:

Photography: Normally when you and your partner are planning your wedding you’ll have the opportunity to meet your photographer and develop a relationship before the big day. No wedding couple wants to be photographed by an inexperienced photographer or someone who knows nothing about their taste and personality. A wedding album that truly records the emotion and fun of your wedding day will be the result of an honest relationship between you and your wedding photographer.

There are several companies providing planning for destination weddings, and they offer the services of hiring a photographer in the wedding package. In all, an understanding between wedding photographer and wedding couple is critical to capturing the appropriate record of the big day.

Officiant Services: Most wedding planner in Oahu provides wedding coordination services which include everything from an officiant to photography and make-up for bride. The main responsibility of a wedding planner is to ensure that the wedding flows perfectly and smoothly as visualized by the groom and bride. Hiring an officiant is like hiring an assistant for your wedding day. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything. The coordinator will put together all the final logistics of your wedding and becomes the point of contact for all your vendors. The officiant will coordinates wedding day decorations, set up the placement of tables, and supervises all vendors and ensure that you are comfortable and have a beautiful wedding day.


Hair / Makeup Artist: As your wedding day is drawing nearer, you have lots of things to worry about. The last thing you need to worry about is how to handle your wedding day makeup and bride hair. This is one of the biggest days of your life, and you want your face to look perfect all day long. Since your face is going to be captured in your wedding album for all eternity. Your choice of makeup and hairstyle for your wedding is important. Don’t just select the first name recommended to you. You need to make a proper selection, even if it will takes a day to find the right person. There are many wedding day makeup artists that are ready to help you with your hair and makeup, but you need to get someone that has skills and experience. The wedding planner can help you with a makeup artist that can do the job so that you don’t experience a makeup horror story on your wedding day. 

What Are The Things To Look For In The Best Wedding Packages For Your Wedding Day? 

  1. You must ensure that the company providing the wedding package will always be available to plan your wedding and to be there to ensure that everything goes smoothly with the plans. Do not rely on a company that does not offer this service because this is important to a memorable and successful wedding on the beach.

  2. Ensure they offer pictures with your package because this is the most important day of your life and pictures will certainly be needed. You can find out about their photographer and ask any other questions that you are thinking about before choosing the final package and the final company that will work with you.

  3. It is essential that you research more about the officiant or wedding planner. Also, make sure they are legitimate and that they offer what they promise. This is important because if you don’t do this, your wedding day could be ruined by a wedding planner that is not what they appear to be or what they call themselves.


These are the essential things to look for in wedding packages for beach weddings destination and elopements in Hawaii. Although these are not the only things you need to know, therefore you must take your time to research and plan your wedding carefully. The first step is finding the right person or company to work with, so get started today and start planning your amazing beach wedding day and elopement in Hawaii with the help of a professional officiant or wedding planner.

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