The Benefits of All-Inclusive Wedding Packages in Hawaii

The Benefits of All-Inclusive Wedding Packages in Hawaii

Having a wedding in Hawaii is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, one that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Planning one, however, may not be so straightforward. Typically, wedding planning comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to hosting one at a destination away from home. Brave souls who have attempted a DIY approach without any help might not have had the most pleasant experience since you need someone who has plenty of insight for a more streamlined process. For that reason, opting for all-inclusive wedding packages in Hawaii may be your best bet! Why? You’re about to find out!

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What Are The Benefits That Come With All-Inclusive Wedding Packages In Hawaii?

As previously mentioned, planning a destination wedding in Hawaii may get a bit overwhelming because you don’t have enough insight into the venues, vendors, or any aspects of the celebration. Even if you choose to do it completely by yourself, not only will you waste more time finding the most suitable options, but you might end up with a celebration that doesn’t resemble the one you’ve always dreamed about. With that in mind, getting an all-inclusive wedding package in Hawaii will significantly ease the entire process since all of them are pre-designed, meaning you’ll know exactly what you can expect from your celebration.

They Can Be Personalized To Fit Your Story

However, some couples believe that wedding packages have limitations set in place. In other words, if you decide on getting a package, you won’t have space for personalization since they’re already pre-determined. This is completely not true! While we can’t speak for others, our all-inclusive wedding packages in Hawaii allow plenty of customization, meaning you can have a celebration exactly as you envisioned! Whether it is an ultra-luxurious celebration or an affair just between you, this Hawaii wedding officiant can make it happen!

Plenty Of Locations To Choose From

Another thing why our all-inclusive wedding packages are beneficial is that you have several locations to choose from! Generally, most couples decide to get married in Hawaii on the beach, which is why most of our offered locations feature pristine waters, a serene atmosphere, and some of the most mesmerizing vistas known to man. Additionally, if sandy havens aren’t really your thing, Hawaii also boasts numerous lush national parks such as Kualoa Regional Park, creating the ultimate setting for you to make your love official. 

Tailor a Bespoke Ceremony With Unique Customs and Traditions

Furthermore, as part of our Hawaii marriage officiant services, we also offer several customs and traditions options that will make your all-inclusive wedding in Hawaii spectacular and even more touching. For instance, you can opt for a poetic reading where your officiant will read a collection of poems, readings, and prayers that will add a heartwarming touch to your ceremony. Alternatively, you can also choose to have a unity sand ceremony where colorful sands are mixed together, signifying the union of two souls who are made for each other. Finally, you also have a traditional lei exchange that is blessed by the Hawaii marriage officiant, paving the way for a marriage filled with joy, understanding, and, most importantly – love. There are a few more customs you can go for that are included in our all-inclusive wedding packages in Hawaii, so you’ll surely find the one that speaks to you the most.

Taking Care Of All The Paperwork

Lastly, Hawaii beach weddings might seem simple enough to do, but they bring a lot of paperwork along with them. We believe that the last thing you want to do before the big day is fill out piles of documents featuring all kinds of legalities, some of which you might not know their meaning. This is where Hawaii wedding officiants come in! For one, to get married in Hawaii on the beach, you need a permit, as well as liability insurance that costs $1,000,000. Granted, these are pretty easy to acquire, but almost every time, couples forget a certain document that halts the entire process. This isn’t a possibility if you opt for getting a package! The minister will do all the paperwork for you before and after the celebration so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience without worrying about all the logistics. They also acquire the permits mentioned above, and the best part about it is that you won’t have any additional costs! Also, traveling fees are included in the price, meaning you can freely let your hair down and savor each moment of the experience!

Our All-Inclusive Wedding Packages In Hawaii

Currently, we offer 4 Hawaii wedding packages for 20 people, all of which come with their own set of benefits, and we even have elopement packages as well! The Aloha package is budget-friendly and only includes the essentials – an officiant will attend your ceremony, marry you, and fill out the registration paperwork. Keep in mind that if you decide on a Hawaii beach wedding and choose the Aloha package, you’ll have to acquire the permits yourselves.

Then, you have the Mango package featuring everything that the Aloha package offers, along with your Hawaii marriage officiant getting all the necessary permits and insurance. The Coconut package is a bit more luxurious and comes with a photographer who will capture 80 images of your ceremony so you can remember it for a lifetime! However, if you want a fully exclusive experience, the Pineapple package is the perfect choice for you! While it features everything that we previously mentioned, you’ll also have a 60-minute session with a professional photographer who will capture your gorgeous wedding portraits. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a getting-ready room, as well as 2 leis for the ceremony! 

As you can see, opting for all-inclusive wedding packages in Hawaii is the way to go! No matter which one you choose, know that you’ll have a highly pleasant experience and will be fully able to enjoy every single moment of your celebration!

For more information regarding our Hawaii wedding packages for 20 people, head here. Also, check out some of the gorgeous locations in Hawaii where you can tie the knot!

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