Destination Weddings 101: Planning the Perfect Wedding

Destination Weddings 101: Planning the Perfect Wedding

Destination Weddings: Planning the Perfect Wedding


Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding may be one of the most rewarding and challenging tasks you will ever undertake. It is not always easy to find the right location to have your wedding reception or ceremony. Oahu weddings are among the most expensive, as you would expect. However, there are some great ways to save money and get the wedding of your dreams. Here are some tips on how to have a destination wedding on Oahu or any other tropical island near you.

The most difficult part about planning a wedding is all the research you need to do to find the right spot. Hawaii, like many other destinations around the globe, has plenty of fantastic wedding venues that offer everything you could possibly need for your special day. A typical Hawaii destination wedding may run anywhere from twenty thousand to a hundred thousand dollars, depending on how elaborate your ceremony and reception are.

The typical cost of an Oahu wedding is more than fifty thousand dollars. There are several variables that could impact the price of your wedding, including: Destination. The less expensive wedding locations in Hawaii tend to be close to tourist areas and facilities, whereas the expensive Oahu weddings tend to be farther away from all these places.

Horseback Wedding in Hawaii
Destination Hawaiian Wedding

Destination weddings on Oahu…

tend to be more expensive because there are so many great options for fun and entertainment on the island. One of the most popular activities on Oahu is parasailing. You can get married while experiencing the thrills of being dropped out of the air by thousands of feet onto the sand. Beach weddings on Oahu may also include other activities like kayaking, snorkeling, rafting, or surfing.

On the other hand, the cheapest Hawaii wedding reception destinations tend to be closer to the beaches. For example, some Oahu couples choose to get married on the beachfront for the ceremony, and their reception follows. Other couples prefer to have their ceremony at a chapel or hotel grounds. In some cases, these venues may charge less than two hundred dollars per head for your ceremony alone, but you still get married and spend part of the evening in the pool or beach.

There are many other great venues for wedding ceremonies in Oahu. The island is home to the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Historic Fourth Avenue Hotel, and the Aloha Stadium, which are the NFL’s home field for Honolulu franchises. If you’d like to get married near one of these areas, you can expect to pay from around eight hundred to one thousand dollars. Hawaii weddings are a lot less expensive than they used to be, as tourism has increased in the state in recent years.

Couples who want to get married in Oahu must plan their Hawaiian weddings carefully. Unlike other islands, Oahu weddings require a permit to take place on the sand; you can plan your ceremony virtually anywhere that is flat and scenic. Most hotels offer large backyards with lush gardens, tennis courts, and other amenities for a private wedding ceremony. Before planning your Hawaiian wedding on Oahu, you should make sure that you have a wedding date and venue booked. Even if you book early on, there may be no room for you to get all your details worked out. It’s better to start planning early so that you won’t be disappointed on your special day.

The attire you choose for your destination weddings matters a great deal. Your Hawaiian wedding attire will set the tone for your guests’ attitude toward you. Your guests may even come to expect your unique wedding attire, which will be much different than your bridal gown and tuxedo. Planning a destination wedding takes time, but it can be very enjoyable. Try to incorporate your own interests into the overall theme of your ceremony, so that it stays unique and memorable.

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