Hawaii wedding officiant

Frequently Ask Questions

​If we want to have a sand ceremony, a lei ceremony or a unity candle service, do you provide these items for us?

No. There are many styles and choices and you would be the ones to purchase the sand, containers, leis or candles and have them set up before the ceremony. I would then incorporate these rituals into the ceremony.

​Can you provide a microphone for the ceremony?

No. If you want the ceremony amplified so your guests can hear, you would need to arrange for sound amplification to be provided either by the ceremony site or your deejay/musician if they happened to have an extra microphone. Some locations will have sound for the minister provided as part of the service and others will charge and extra fee. I do not have speakers and a microphone that I am able to provide.

​What if we are from out of town? Can we do the consultation early when we are visiting Honolulu?

Yes, please let me know your schedule when you are in town and with enough advance notice, I’ll be happy to meet with you and have your consultation then if I am in town.  For the interest of saving time, I also meet many of my couples via Skype.

Can we meet with you more than once?

One 30 min consultation (via phone, skype or in person) is included with my ceremony fee. This is all that is necessary to ensure you have a smooth ceremony as all of the information I need is be on the questionnaire you fill out that we go over during the consultation. If you have questions, I’m happy to go over anything you need after that by phone. If you have a more intricate ceremony and feel you need to meet again there is a $50 per 30 minute fee.

Where will we meet?

You will meet with me at my office in Aiea, talk on the phone or video chat. 

​How do we pay you?

After we have received the questionnaire from you, we will send you a invoice via email.  Within the email, you will have the option to pay via PayPal.  If you prefer, you are welcome to write a check to James Chun and send it via mail. Cash is also accepted.

​Do you need a booking fee to hold my ceremony day?

Yes.  I would require payment to hold the day. We take reservations up to a year in advance. If I am not able to confirm, I will offer you a list of my recommended colleagues to help you find a minister.

​We have a really unique situation and would like certain accommodations for the ceremony, are you able to do this?

Yes, of course. I am able to accommodate any type of ceremony and special requests. We can talk about this at your consultation to make your ceremony exactly how you envision it to be.

​Is it necessary to have you at the rehearsal?

It is not, especially if it’s just the two of you, or a very small wedding party (one bridesmaid and one groomsman) or if you have a coordinator that will run the entire rehearsal. If you have a wedding party, and no experienced wedding coordinator, I will be happy to help at the rehearsal as to who walks when, who stands where, timing, etc. However, the main advantage of having me there is that I will go through the entire flow of the ceremony with you which will take away much of the stress as you won't need to wonder what to do, how to turn, where to look etc. This causes ease of mind and eases the stress levels for many if that is something you may have.


VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not have me at the rehearsal, it is MANDATORY that you take care of all the walking details of the wedding party and how you get in front of me for the ceremony. I will expect your appointed person, or your wedding coordinator to just tell me where I am to line up on the day of the ceremony and the bride and groom must make their own way in front of me. I will not coordinate your ceremony on the day of your ceremony. I will only perform the ceremony. Once you are in front of me, even without a rehearsal, I can lead you through the ceremony.

​Do we need to invite you to the reception?

No, I would be honored to be a guest but it is not customary or necessary to send me an invitation.


​Can you do the lunch or dinner prayer for us at our reception?

Because the time of the reception is often at least 30 minutes or more after the ceremony ends and the meal starts after often times 30 - 60 minutes after that, I am not able to do your prayer.