Floral Wedding Ideas for a Romantic Venue Decoration

Floral Wedding Ideas for a Romantic Venue Decoration

Lovely Floral Wedding Ideas for a Romantic Venue Setup

According to reports, the average budget spent on wedding blooms in 2022 was $2,400. It is because of the upward trend in the cost of flowers, likely due to supply chain problems and flower shortages. If you are looking for floral wedding ideas and want to avoid adding to the shortage or cutting your budget for other wedding needs, try mixing fresh blooms with faux ones. Take advantage of the trendy use of flower walls for weddings but do it economically with pretty faux flowers from trusted suppliers such as Borrowed Blooms Hawaii.

Floral Wedding Ideas

Average wedding flower arrangements cost in the US

Wedding experts say the average spending for flowers for a 100 to 150-guest party is around $5,000 to $8,000. This cost tends to balloon because some couples think every member of their wedding entourage should have a boutonniere or corsage. What’s important is to focus on the flowers that get the most attention, including the bridal bouquet, the floral wedding table centerpieces, and the decorative floral wedding backdrop

Instead of using 100% fresh blooms, you may suggest clients fill the gaps and work with faux flowers. They are low maintenance, can withstand long hours, and are more affordable if you find a good supplier.  

Established event suppliers like CV Linens have colorful and beautiful artificial blooms like silk peony flower bush bundles in different colors and large foam wedding flower wall backdrop decors. They also have silk hydrangeas flower wall backdrop panels in various colors and greenery wall backdrops. Finding a supplier like this makes getting wedding flowers on a budget easier. 

Why wedding flower packages are still popular today

Flowers have a critical role in joyous occasions like weddings. First, they have different meanings the couple might want to associate with their ceremony and celebration. For instance, roses symbolize love, while lilies are associated with beauty and purity. 

Second, flowers are undeniably excellent aesthetic boosts to any space. They make everything beautiful just by their presence, which is why they are used in bouquets, corsages, and centerpieces. 

Third, flowers have long been used in weddings regardless of culture. Their use is paying honor to long-held rituals, good fortune, and blessings for the couple. 

Floral wedding ideas on a budget 

There are many simple yet unique floral wedding ideas you can explore based on trends. You can explore the following trends: 

Colorful wedding blooms

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If the couple loves making bold statements, start with bold and bright colors for their floral arrangements. Go all out with deep red, emerald green, fuchsia, and even bright yellow. You can put these in centerpieces, bouquets, and floral installations all over the venue.

Incorporating dried grasses and flowers

It is one of the floral wedding ideas on Pinterest for pins around rustic and outdoor weddings. The top options are dried wheat, pampas grass, lavender, and eucalyptus. If you want accessible eucalyptus greens, you can find some at CV Linens. 

Mix and match 

Many Hawaii Wedding couples in 2023 may have found it too mainstream to use one type of flower throughout their special day. This year’s trend is to mix and match flowers in different types, sizes, and colors. 

Textured floral arrangements

Textured florals are often composed of celosia, dahlias, and chrysanthemums, flowers with different looks and appeals. They make for interesting bridal bouquets and centerpieces. 

Flower walls 

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Weddings with flower walls look dreamy and picture-perfect. Your clients can achieve this look without being extravagant on the blooms, thanks to faux flowers that look like real ones from a supplier like CV Linens. The shop carries flower wall backdrop panels in rose and hydrangea varieties and colors. If the couple wants floral and greenery backdrops, the shop also offers greenery wall backdrop panels.

Statement flower decorations

These are often made of wedding arches packed with blooms on the aisle or as the backdrop of the wedding ceremony. You can also get the supplies you need from CV Linens to pull off this look at a budget. 

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Tips on preparing the flowers before the wedding

If you use fresh blooms, you have to block off a day or hours before the wedding solely for arranging them as per the couple’s requests. Posies and bouquets are often made the day before the wedding. The poses for the flower girls and bridesmaids usually need about half an hour, while the bridal bouquet may need an hour. Corsages and boutonnieres can be arranged on the morning of the wedding to stay fresh, with each arrangement requiring half an hour. 

Given the time each key floral piece needs, the fresh blooms must be delivered two days before the event. It means having another thing to worry about as the event planner since you need to keep them fresh until the big day. You should know how to cut the stems, how much water each type of flower needs to stay hydrated, and where to keep them. 

You won’t have to worry as much if your proposed floral wedding ideas to the couple include using faux blooms, especially for the silk backdrops for events. The fewer fresh blooms you need to use, the less stress you’ll have over flowers. If you use silk backdrops, which are bound to need a lot of blooms, the couple can save money, and you can reduce your workload. Use the ideas above and shop strategically for the floral wedding decors you need at a trusted supplier today.

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