Choosing the Perfect Hawaii Elopement Package for Two

Choosing the Perfect Hawaii Elopement Package for Two

As exciting as it is, everyone knows that wedding planning is a meticulous process that can get rather nerve-wracking at times. You need to pay attention to many aspects as you want to host the celebration of your dreams where no detail is omitted. However, some couples who have dipped their toes into wedding planning already know how complicated it can get, resulting in the desire for something much simpler. If you’re one of them, let us show you why a Hawaii elopement package for two might be the perfect solution!

Hawaii elopements are as gorgeous as the “traditional” counterpart –  if not more! Due to their simplicity and convenience, many romantic souls opt for them almost instinctively, resulting in a marriage ceremony that will be remembered for a lifetime. But ease of planning is not the only reason why couples choose a Hawaii elopement package for two! There are so many aspects to elopements that make them a rather attractive option, some of which you’ll discover in this blog. With that in mind, if you wish to get married in Hawaii without the hassles that typically accompany weddings, see why an elopement might be the perfect choice!

Hawaii Elopement Package for two
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Why the Hawaii elopement package for two is a fantastic choice

  • Convenience & Ease of Planning

Having a destination wedding in a faraway breathtaking location such as Hawaii is nothing but a dream. Organizing one, on the other hand, can quickly become a nightmare! Aside from picking the right venue, you’ll have to consider a whole army of vendors, as well as accommodation options for your guests, among other things.

With Hawaii elopement packages for two, the struggles mentioned above are nowhere to be found! The best part is that you get to have the marriage of your dreams with all your nerves intact! Sometimes, planning an elopement can be done with a few simple steps, taking a fraction of the time that a regular wedding would take. In other words, all you’d have to do is decide on one of the many gorgeous locations scattered throughout the Island State, hire a marriage officiant in Hawaii, get a wedding license, and you’re good to go!

  • Eloping Is a Legal Act

Contrary to popular belief, elopements in Hawaii are very much legal! Just because you won’t have a huge party to witness your love being eternalized doesn’t mean that they aren’t real. As previously mentioned, you’ll still have to get a license before your ceremony, which the marriage officiant in Hawaii will later document and file, thus crowning you as an official married couple. So, if the legal aspect of elopement packages in Hawaii has been throwing you off from the experience, know that there’s nothing to worry about!

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  • Have Your Closest Ones With You

Although you’re opting for a Hawaii elopement package for two, that doesn’t mean that your closest family and friends can’t be alongside you to experience your milestone! Yes, elopements are usually related to secrecy (some might even call them secret weddings!), but just like the previous point – that doesn’t always have to be true! Namely, our elopement packages in Hawaii allow you to bring up to 20 people along with you. This is the perfect number of guests – just enough for a celebration while retaining the intimate feel of these occasions. Moreover, we’ll also provide transport for your closest ones so they can navigate the island without any hassles – you’ll just have to take care of the accommodation!

  • Hawaii Elopement Packages Are Very Budget-Friendly!

When you sum up all the costs surrounding traditional destination weddings in Hawaii, it’s not surprising for them to reach a value of a small fortune. With Hawaii elopement packages for two, said costs are slashed in half – maybe even more! Since you’ll only have a ceremony, you won’t need to pay for a reception venue, vendors, transportation, and so forth. While it will most likely be just the two of you, you’ll only need to book your marriage officiant in Hawaii, and you’ll be good to go! Of course, nothing stops you from decorating your ceremony space as you see fit, but with elopements, you won’t need to spend thousands on a professional to do it for you. On the contrary, as your officiant we can provide many helpful tips!

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  • Many Customization Options

Just like their unofficial “secrecy”, many couples believe that by opting for a Hawaii elopement package, they’ll be limited in choice. Well, we’re here to tell you otherwise! 

Firstly, you can decide on a location that speaks most to you, and since Hawaii is abundant with majestic destinations, deciding on the perfect one won’t be as easy as you think! Furthermore, you can opt for special traditions and customs to make your ceremony even more special. For instance, you can go for a traditional poetic or scripture reading, but if you wish your special moment to be truly Hawaiian, your officiant can perform a traditional lei exchange or a sand ceremony. Simply put, you can customize your Hawaii elopement package for two as much as you want!

For more information on our customs and traditions options, check out our services page.

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  • Special Deals!

Know how certain wedding vendors offer special deals so you don’t have to spend too much on your celebration? Well, the same applies to elopement packages in Hawaii! Since this is one of the biggest milestones of your life, you cannot capture it with a simple phone camera. In other words, you need an exceptional photography service to capture all of its ethereal glory. Luckily for you, some of our packages include just that, with 60 minutes of coverage – or more if you wish to extend! In the end, you’ll get an unforgettable ceremony and pictures to prove it!

As you can see, the Hawaii elopement package for two is specially designed for your enjoyment, allowing you to let loose and fully enjoy your most memorable moment. This is a luxury you won’t get with traditional weddings, so don’t brush off these intimate ceremonies just yet! Who knows, it just might be the thing you’re looking for!

If you’re looking for a marriage officiant in Hawaii to eternalize your love, head to our contact page, but before you do that, make sure to check out the locations and services we offer!

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