Hawaii Elopement Packages: What to Expect

Hawaii Elopement Packages: What to Expect

As beautiful as they are, weddings come with a great deal of planning, which at times can be quite burdensome. If you’ve taken a go at this yourself, you already know what we’re talking about! With that in mind, don’t you just wish that you and your partner could sneakily escape to some paradisical destination and make your love official without all of the festivities? Well, luck just might be smiling your way as all of this (and more!) is possible with our Hawaii elopement packages!

At present, more and more couples have been turning to elopements for several reasons. As we previously mentioned, weddings require meticulous planning, which in turn can wear you out even before the big day comes. In turn, even though you might plan the celebration of your dreams, you still may not be able to enjoy it fully. Another reason why couples opt for a Hawaii elopement is that they cost way less, meaning that you’ll have more money to spend on a relaxing and romantic honeymoon! And since your elopement will take place in the Island State, there’s an array of paradisical locations and luxurious resorts to choose from!

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3 Planning Steps: Hawaii Elopement Packages

However, although simple, elopements still require a bit of organization, usually done in a 3-to-4-step process. Of course, we want you to be fully relaxed and savor every moment of your big day without all the extravagance that comes with weddings, and our Hawaii elopement packages will do just that! All you have to do is choose the most suitable one, and we’ll take care of the rest! But before you make your decision, discover what to expect, which can help you make the right choice!

  • Location, Location, Location

One of the main reasons why couples choose to get married in Hawaii is due to the abundance of mesmerizing locations, perfectly suitable for hosting the dreamiest celebration of love. Since elopements are much easier to plan, the array is significantly larger since you don’t have to think about venue capacity. In fact, you can have a Hawaii beach elopement just between the two of you – and your Hawaii marriage officiant, of course!

In terms of location, our Hawaii elopement packages are mostly centered around beaches, but you also have the possibility to tie the knot at one of the many state parks. For instance, you can opt for the incredibly intimate Kawela Bay, a not-so-conveniently-reached beach boasting almost surreal scenery. Alternatively, the Foster Botanical Garden is the ideal location for your Hawaii elopement, especially if you want to invite a few of your closest ones to be with you on one of the most important days of your lives. Keep in mind that if you choose this option, you’ll have to supply the venue with permits, but we’ll get more into that later.

Finally, we know that there are couples who can’t wait to get married in Hawaii – they just want to sign the required paperwork and skip all of the formalities, including the ceremony! This is usually done in a courthouse. However, the whole “event” lacks a personal touch. Luckily for you, we have designed a special Hawaii elopement package for 2 where you can just arrive at our office as you would in a regular courthouse, sign the required paperwork, and start the new chapter of your love story as a married couple! What’s the difference? Well, the ceremony is performed by a Hawaii marriage officiant who will personally tailor the ceremony to your liking. Even though it might be quick, it will still have hints of authenticity attached to it!

  • Personalization

Just because Hawaii elopements are done much quicker than regular ceremonies, that doesn’t mean they aren’t as romantic. Because the ceremony is ultimately yours, you have the full liberty to tailor it in any way you want. And since you have decided on the Island State, our Hawaii elopement packages also include one-of-a-kind customs and traditions. For one, you can go the traditional way and choose to have a poetic or scripture reading, where the Hawaii wedding minister will set the tone not only for the ceremony but for the years to come. In contrast, if you’re looking for a more modern approach, you can decide on a Unity Sand ceremony, which is practically customary for Hawaii beach elopements. Here, two vials of sand that represent the soon-to-be-weds are united together, symbolizing what they are and will become in the future.

  • Taking Care Of The Paperwork

No matter if you’re hosting the biggest celebration with hundreds of guests or an exclusive affair just between the two of you, you still require a marriage license to get legally married in Hawaii. Keep in mind that while the process may seem straightforward enough, there is always at least one omitted document that can put a dent in the entire ceremony.

By choosing one of our Hawaii elopement packages, we’ll make sure that all of the paperwork is done in order, so you needn’t worry about a thing! Simply go online, fill out the application form, and select James Chan as your Hawaii marriage officiant. Then, you’ll need to pick up the license from a state agent and bring it with you on your wedding day. The rest is up to us!

Additionally, if you opt for a Hawaii beach elopement, you’ll require a permit and liability insurance to do so. Fortunately, we can also take care of this for you, ensuring you enjoy every second of your special day!

This is just a smidge of what you can expect from our Hawaii elopement packages, so for any additional questions, it’s best that you contact us directly! We promise that your Hawaii elopement will be even better than the one you have envisioned, so rest assured that we’ll make your ceremony a reflection of your epic love story!

Did you find our blog helpful and wish to plan your own elopement? Then check out our page to discover more about our Hawaii elopement packages!

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