Hawaii Elopement vs. Traditional Wedding: Pros and Cons

Hawaii Elopement vs. Traditional Wedding: Pros and Cons

Once you get engaged, the biggest decision you have to make is whether to have a big celebration or something small and intimate. Nowadays, many couples opt to have a Hawaii elopement because this kind of celebration comes with a lot of advantages that newlyweds love. However, it is an occasion that happens once in a lifetime, so you cannot make this decision lightly. 

It is quite normal to have second thoughts about the type of union you want. Even if you have dreamed about your Hawaii wedding for as long as you can remember, you may have different ideas when the big day starts approaching. So, to make your decision, you need to know what you sign up for when you pick a traditional Hawaii wedding or an elopement. 

In this blog, we have listed the pros and cons of Hawaii elopements and weddings, so you can be well-informed before you make your pick. The truth is that both of these events have good and bad sides. Still, sometimes, one feature can make you lean toward one of them and have the perfect union. So, before you decide, look into our list and see what describes your ideal Hawaii wedding!

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Hawaii Elopement vs. Traditional Wedding: Pros of Elopements 

Today, Hawaii elopements are not considered scandalous, but rather events in which you create your own dreamy day and celebrate your marriage exactly how you have always imagined. If you are still unsure whether you need this kind of union, you have to look into the features you sign up for when you choose to elope. 

  • Less Stress 

One of the biggest advantages of Hawaii elopements is that their planning is not as stressful as that of a traditional celebration. You get the chance to create your own day just the way you want it, which is completely different than hosting an event for more than 200 people. Just the thought of organizing a celebration for such a big number can make you overwhelmed. However, when you decide to elope in Hawaii, you can make it just for you and your partner or a couple of people, and that is it. When you plan such an event, you are most focused on the destination you want to get married at. Naturally, also on the activities you want to do there, rather than food and beverages for so many people.

Our Hawaiian elopement packages include services that will allow you to have everything planned out for you. You just have to pick your spot for elopement, and everything else will be on us to make it as you desire. Believe it or not, you can plan and enjoy a bridal celebration! Having a Hawaii elopement is one certain way to do so.

  • More Intimate Celebration

When your priority is intimacy, you cannot go wrong with an elopement. You get to invite only your closest people and crown your love just the way you want it. When eloping, you do not get to explain to people why they were not invited. The name itself suggests a small, intimate gathering where the only present people can be you and your spouse-to-be. Of course, you can invite several people you want with you on your big day, and that is it.

You can invite up to 20 people if you decide on one of our Hawaiian elopement packages. We consider this number to be enough for you to have the dreamy celebration you desire. Tying the knot in a paradise location with your favorite people is enough to have an unforgettable event.

  • Cost-Effective Celebration 

While a traditional Hawaii wedding requires establishing a strict budget that will cover everything related to your big event, an elopement can be way cheaper. You get to spend your money on things like accommodation and activities you can do at your destination. We are talking about memorable things you will value for the rest of your life. Plus, your budget for a Hawaii elopement can never be compared to the budget you need for a big event. 

Depending on what you want for your big day, you can choose between the different packages we offer. If you want to keep it really intimate, we have elopement packages for 2 that are ideal for really private celebrations. 

Hawaii Elopement vs. Traditional Wedding: Cons of Elopements

While elopements sound really great, there are some features that you might not entirely love. These celebrations give you the freedom to create the day of your dreams, but there are still some limitations that some couples find discouraging. These limitations do not impose a problem for some, but for others, they might be a deal-breaker.

  • Family Members Feeling Left Out 

The biggest issue couples encounter with Hawaii elopements is their guilt about their family members feeling left out. When eloping, you get to invite several people to celebrate with you, but not the entire family. Some relatives can be really understanding, while others might get offended. When you throw a typical Hawaii wedding, you do not have to deal with this problem because you get to invite all of your family without worrying about space limitations. 

However, if you decide to elope in Hawaii, you will need to find a way to explain to your family why you have made such a decision. Make sure you figure out a way to make it up to them with a nice dinner reception once you get back or something similar. 


  • Fewer People to Celebrate Your Big Moment 

Usually, all of us want to share big moments with our friends. However, you do not get that chance when you opt for a Hawaii elopement. Of course, you can have someone there with you, but your choices will be limited. This does not happen with traditional Hawaii weddings since you get to invite all of them to be by your side.

Our elopement packages in Hawaii allow 20 people to present at your big moment, meaning you can still have your important people with you. Once you return, you can find a perfect way to celebrate with your whole circle of friends and still have an unforgettable time.

Now that you have seen the pros and cons of Hawaii elopements, you are probably aware of what kind of celebration you want for yourself and your loved one. Remember, even though some things you might find tricky when it comes to elopement, it is still your day. In other words, you get to create it and experience it just like you desire! 

To check out our services, please head over to our Locations and Wedding Packages pages and see your options. If you are ready to plan your perfect day, feel free to fill out the contact form.

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