How Much Does a Hawaii Marriage License Cost?

How Much Does a Hawaii Marriage License Cost?

A Hawaii marriage license is a required step for getting married in the state. Couples must meet with an agent and present both of their photo IDs.

You may schedule an appointment with the agent at the Department of Health up to a year before your ceremony date. During the meeting, the agent will review your application and verify photo IDs.

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Application fee for the Hawaii Marriage License

In Oahu, you can make an appointment with a Hawaii marriage license agent before you can get married. Appointments are preffered but not required. You can do this online or by visiting the Hawaii Department of Health website. During the meeting you will need to bring a picture ID for both of you and proof of age. The agent will verify that the information is correct.

In addition to providing proof of your identities and ages, you will asked to answer questions about your race, occupation, and education. It is important to be honest and accurate. You may also decline to answer some of these questions. The state will use this information to verify your identity and determine whether you are eligible for a marriage license.

The application fee is $65 and is payable online when you fill out the application. It is not refundable. After your marriage is complete and filed, the state will send you a certified copy of your marriage certificate within a months. It can be used to obtain benefits and services, such as DEERS, Social Security and health care.

Hawaii Wedding Packages

Performer fee

Having a licensed wedding officiant is important, whether you are planning a religious or non-religious ceremony. Once you know their name, you can visit the State of Hawaii’s website and fill out an online marriage application. It will save you time when you arrive on the islands and allow your performer to complete the final sections of the license after the wedding.

Couples will also need to provide the name of their spouse, date of marriage and the county where they plan to marry. Then, they must make an in-person appointment with a marriage license agent to get their license. You can find a list of marriage agents by clicking HERE. Some work at the State’s offices, while others are located at hotels and resorts to serve their guests.

Hawaii Wedding Locations

Recording fee

Many couples choose to have a wedding ceremony on one island and then honeymoon on another. This is a good option for couples on a budget or those with limited vacation time.

Before the wedding, you need to apply for a Hawaii marriage license. The process is simple and quick. You can complete the application online and pay the fee online before arriving in Hawaii. However, you must appear personally before a license agent to finalize your application in person.

Make sure to bring the receipt you receive and both of your driver’s licenses, passport or some other government issued photo ID. Once you have your license, you should give it to your officiant before the wedding ceremony. The state will mail your official marriage certificate to you within a month after the marriage has been filed. You may also download a temporary marriage certificate via online download after about a week.

Marriage Apostille

If you need a certified copy of your Hawaii marriage certificate for use in a foreign country, the state requires it to be authenticated. This process is called an apostille, and it certifies the signature and capacity of the official who signed your certificate. You must submit the original document and the apostille request to the Hawaii Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

There is a fee for the apostille. You can submit a money order or cashier’s check to the office. You must provide the name and address of the foreign country in which you intend to use the document, and a self-addressed, prepaid envelope for return service.

An Apostille is used in countries that participate in the Hague Convention, and a Certification is used in countries that do not. For both types of documents, a notary public must sign the apostille. The notary’s commission and signature must be verified and authenticated by the local circuit court before the apostille can be issued.

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