Budgeting for Your Destination Hawaii Wedding

Budgeting for Your Destination Hawaii Wedding

Planning your wedding in a tropical destination is an amazing way to celebrate your love. However, all the beauty of the Island State comes at a price, which at times can get rather hefty. For that reason, to create a budget for your Hawaii wedding, you need to do meticulous research regarding the cost of one. Of course, every celebration is different, but getting a rough estimate is a good start.

In this article, we’ll talk about budgeting for your destination wedding in Hawaii, which is an essential part of the process. With that, we will help you find out which expenses you should anticipate and how to save, which is of great importance to every couple. Keep reading and find out more.

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Hawaii Wedding Budget Breakdown


The first thing to consider when planning a Hawaii wedding is the venue itself. As a place where the celebration will take place, the venue should be beautiful, and the cost of it will depend on the style you’re going for, as well as the guest list. Whether you’re planning an outdoor celebration where you’ll enjoy the scenery or indoors, expect to shell out $4,000 to $10,000. Of course, there are more and less expensive options, but this is considered the average.

Additionally, you’ll also need to consider whether you want to have separate locations for the ceremony and reception. Naturally, if you opt for two different ones, the price will significantly rise, but if you’re willing to splurge, you should check out some of the locations we offer for a dreamy Hawaii wedding ceremony. 

Wedding Planner

Next, to ensure that your celebration will be as you desire, hiring a wedding planner is more than recommended, especially if you’re going for lavishness. The job of the planner is to ensure the coordination between all the services of your Hawaii wedding, thus providing a unique and unforgettable experience. Moreover, always aim for a local planner – you will get a lot of useful information that will surely come in handy. For this service, you will need to allocate from $2000 to $13000, again, depending on your style.



Documenting your ceremony and capturing your beautiful moments is another vital part of the destination wedding in Hawaii. Typically, photography prices range from $5,000 to $8,000. If you want to include videography, where you will have a whole cinematic work in addition to static moments, you will need to allocate an additional $4,000 to $8,000. Of course, prices vary based on the services you require, as well as their duration. Still, when it comes to the day you are getting married and celebrating your love, you should plan for a full day of coverage.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are an inseparable part of wedding celebrations. Typically, their price is correlated with the number of guests, with an average of $150 per plate. On that note, if you opt for one of our Hawaii wedding packages fit for 20 people, this would not be too much of an expense! Keep in mind that catering is not included in the packages, as they only refer to the ceremony. Finally, make sure you’re well informed about any hidden expenses – table and glassware are usually the most common ones.


Your wedding attire also greatly contributes to your budget. You can expect around $1,500 for a suit and even more for a dress. Naturally, there are cheaper options to choose from, especially if you opt for a more relaxed celebration. But make sure they are fitted perfectly so that you look great at the ceremony itself and in your wedding album!


Decorations, which are a must at any wedding, are an additional expense to consider. From centerpieces to ambient lighting, the decor usually takes up a lot of your budget. Depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve for your Hawaii wedding, after consulting with your planner, expect to spend a few grand.

Travel and Stay

When organizing a destination wedding in Hawaii, you’re most likely expected to provide your guests with transport and accommodation. For this, it is nice to set aside a nice amount from the budget because this is where the unforgettable moments of your special day happen. Depending on your decision, expect to spend around $10,000.

How to save up

Now that we’ve gone over the basic budgeting for your Hawaii wedding, the next is to learn how to save. Of course, these costs are determined by your preferences and the number of people you will invite. By taking into account your budget and talking to your wedding planner, you can create a truly magical experience for the funds you have.

Plan ahead

The best way to save is to plan ahead. This way, you’ll have more time to find all the elements you need for your wedding celebration at a price that suits you. By planning your time, you can find cheaper travel tickets as well as better accommodation at lower rates.

In addition, planning on time is also important for your guests. Think about it: they have to travel just like you, so having the time to map everything out will also help them save. Also, if you are staying in the same place, you will be able to agree on an additional discount for coming as a group.

Have the honeymoon at the same place

Instead of having your destination wedding in Hawaii and your honeymoon in two different places, why not combine them in one? The state’s islands are known to be one of the best romantic getaway destinations in the world, boasting all-inclusive hotels, mesmerizing settings, and a paradisical atmosphere. As Hawaii wedding officiants, this sounds like a dream!

Consider using packages

Opting for Hawaii wedding packages is another great way to save money when planning your celebration. Instead of choosing different services, which are time-consuming but come with higher prices, you can choose an All-Inclusive package that includes more things.

For example, our Pineapple package, which costs $1199, includes choosing a venue of your choice, one hour of photography, and a minimum of 80 photos. Also, in-room makeup and hair for the bride, 2 leis for the ceremony as well as certificates. Most importantly, this package provides all the insurance permits required for your wedding. Imagine how much these services would cost if you chose them individually!


We hope this article has helped you budget for your Hawaii wedding. Read more about the locations and services we offer as Hawaii wedding officiants. Once you decide, fill out the contact form, and you’re good to go!

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