#1 Best Hawaii Wedding Trends

#1 Best Hawaii Wedding Trends


Hawaii wedding trends show a lot of commitment to the traditions that make Hawaii such a unique and wonderful place to get married. From a popular destination wedding to one that is more intimate, there is something for everyone in Hawaii. Here are some of the Hawaii wedding trends that are popular right now:

Hawaii Wedding at Kaimea Estate

Traditional weddings are always held on the day of a major celebration, such as a holiday or a national observance. Traditionally, such a wedding consists of a large, elaborate party with music, beautiful decorations, and a lovely banquet. In recent years, more couples are choosing a more personal and intimate type of wedding also known as Micro Weddings. These types of weddings may be held privately at home, in a garden, or outdoors by the ocean. Typically, traditional Hawaii weddings are held at during the day and involve a traditional evening dinner.

Hit the floor

One of the most common traditions in Hawaii weddings is the traditional wedding dance. The groom takes his bride to the hula dancer at the end of the reception. This dance is considered very important, and it symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship. The hula dancer is part of the culture in Hawaii, and it is also used at other formal functions such as graduations and corporate parties.

Along with the hula dance and the traditional dance, another tradition in traditional weddings in Hawaii is the exchange of wedding rings. Unlike the custom in some other parts of the United States, in Hawaii where it is a tradition to exchange wedding bands after the vows have been made, in Hawaii the exchanging of wedding rings is actually done before the wedding dance. This provides additional meaning to the ritual, as rings represent the love that the couple has for each other.

Hawaiian florals

Other Hawaiian wedding traditions include the exchange of traditional flowers. There is no longer just the traditional white rose; Hawaiian flowers such as hibiscus and orchids are now used for every wedding. There is also the custom of using traditional flowers in the form of bouquets. These bouquets often represent family members who were not able to attend the wedding ceremony. Another tradition in traditional wedding traditions in Hawaii is that the bride and groom’s families leave

wedding cakes behind for their respective guests at the reception.

Hawaii Wedding at Turtle Bay Resort


Hawaiian weddings tend to be more romantic in nature than those held in other areas of the US. Unlike other weddings where a wide variety of traditional floral arrangements have been used, Hawaiian weddings tend to use more muted, simple floral designs. In some cases, these designs are combined with traditional flowers in surprising ways.

Other Hawaiian wedding trends include the use of formal wedding attire that is similar to the traditional attire worn in other areas of the US. Traditional dresses such as tuxedos and suits are the norm at Hawaiian weddings, and there are even bridesmaids dresses designed to look like them. With the bridal parties following the same trends as the bride and grooms Hawaiian weddings tend to be more elegant and beautiful than other types of weddings.

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