Hawaii Beach Weddings and Vow Renewal

Hawaii Beach Weddings and Vow Renewal

Kahala Beach Vow Renewal Wedding Packages
Waialae Beach Vow Renewal Elopement Packages

Vow Renewal and Wedding Ceremonies

Vow renewals are full of romance, joy, and fun. A Hawaii beach wedding or vow renewal will create Magical Memories for the two of you. With years of experience planning and executing Love Celebrations, we will make sure your day is as memorable as you imagine it.

Aloha Island Weddings

Hawaii vow renewals can be elegant or casual, depending on the type of ceremony and the location. Typically, vow renewal ceremonies are held on the Duke Kahanamoku beach in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. However, many public beaches in Hawaii are open to the public and may vary in location. Couples can choose to have their ceremony at any of these beautiful locations. Guests are welcome to participate in a Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony, whether the number of people attending is small or large.

For those looking for an intimate setting, Hawaii weddings are perfect for couples on a tight budget. Couples can choose their own location and customize all the preparations to create a special day. Whether you want to hold the ceremony on a beach, in a country barn, or at a small restaurant, Hawaii weddings will suit your needs and fit within your budget. To make your occasion cozy and intimate, consider serving an exotic meal and incorporating the local dress code.

Hawaiian vow renewals provide an intimate ceremony infused with the richness of Hawaiian culture. Traditional wedding ceremonies are held amidst tropical plants and flowers like plumerias, hibiscus, and birds of paradise. Afterwards, couples can toast to their new status and exchange vows. The ceremony is followed by a traditional Hawaiian feast, complete with champagne and sparkling cider. A beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony can be a memorable experience for the whole family.

Waialae Beach Vow Renewal Elopement Packages
Waialae Beach Vow Renewal Elopement Packages

Virtual Kona

Simple Kona Beach Weddings specializes in small, intimate destination beach weddings and vow renewals in beautiful places in Hawaii. Whether you want a spiritual or secular ceremony, same-sex marriages or second marriages, or just a destination wedding for the sake of time and money, Simple Kona can help you create your perfect ceremony in Hawaii.

A virtual Kona wedding is a great way to celebrate a wedding with no physical guests. You can get the exact same experience as you would in Hawaii, including the tropical rain and oceanfront location. With full assistance from the company’s experienced team, your online ceremony will feel like you’re in Hawaii. Whether you’re getting married for the first time, or planning a vow renewal, we can help.

For vow renewals, you can choose to have a beach ceremony online, where you can choose your Hawaiian theme and ceremony from thousands of available choices. The Virtual Kona also offers tips for decorating the room to look like Hawaii, as well as a live Hawaiian musician. Your personalized wedding plan will include full planning help and a custom quote. Just tell us about your dreams, and we’ll design a virtual Kona for your vow renewals and weddings.

Waialae Beach Vow Renewal Wedding Packages
Waialae Beach Vow Renewal Wedding Packages

Caitlin and Adam’s Hawaii beach wedding

The beautiful Hawaii beach setting was the perfect backdrop for Caitlin and Adam’s wedding ceremony. During the vow renewal, they recommitted to a life together by taking a vow of marriage. They were joined by family and friends during the ceremony, and the beautiful ocean viewed the entire ceremony. Laughter, tears, and a magic kiss made it a truly memorable wedding.
Caitlin and Adam met while attending school at Rochester Institute of Technology.

While Adam was interested in getting a job and buying a house, Caitlin was focused on having fun. They began dating when they were both just students, and they quickly became more than friends. They eventually bought a house together and adopted a dog, Biscuit. Their wedding day in Hawaii was an unforgettable day!

Waialae Beach Vow Renewal Lei Ceremony
Waialae Beach Vow Renewal Lei Ceremony

Hawaiian elements of spirituality weaved into ceremony

Michaela Kauai offers an authentic Hawaiian ceremony that incorporates elements of spirituality and tradition. The ceremony begins with a conch shell ringing in the air, declaring “something wonderful is about to happen!” Then a beautiful Hawaiian chant of love and a soft flute chant clear the air. The bride and groom place their rings in a koa bowl. The rings are cleansed and purified with Hawaiian salt and sacred ti leaves.

The Hawaiians place importance on religion, and the ceremony is no exception. In ancient Samoa, tattooing was commonplace. British explorers traded iron nails for water, and the islanders were known to be tolerant of homosexuality. Whether you want to celebrate your love or vow renewal, the ceremony will have elements of Hawaiian spirituality and religion. The Hawaiian pantheon of three holy creatures represents the three pillars of love and compassion.

There are elements of Hawaiian spirituality woven into a beach wedding and vow renewal ceremony. Traditionally, men and women were not allowed to eat together before European contact. Even though most Hawaiians today have a secular culture, their beliefs are deeply rooted in their native traditions. A second-line wedding parade typically includes chanting prayers, dancing, and food. The ceremony is also centered around natural healing.
Waialae Beach Vow Renewal in Hawaii

Affordable packages

When considering the cost of a Hawaii Beach wedding or vow renewal, consider a few of the affordable options. The Pineapple wedding package, which costs about $1,600, includes a Hawaiian-style ceremony with a lei ceremony, and 90 minutes of professional photography, with a minimum of 75 digital images. This package also includes a professional hair/make up stylist that will prepare you in your hotel room.

Many couples choose to hold their wedding in Hawaii for a number of reasons, including its stunning natural beauty. For one, it is much less expensive than a traditional wedding in a Western country. Couples can opt to hold their ceremony on a beautiful sandy beach in an idyllic setting, with breathtaking views of the ocean and a sunset that will send the guests swooning. A Hawaii Beach wedding package can help you save money by allowing you to choose only the services you want, including the minister and the wedding reception.

Some of the packages also include a ceremony at a beach house, such as at Kahu Coco. Some of them are more intimate, such as those in a chapel. In addition, you’ll get a makeup artist to apply your wedding gown and do your hair, if you’d like. A hairstylist will do a touch-up for you during the ceremony, and the photographer will take pictures after the event.

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