History of diamonds and engagement rings

History of diamonds and engagement rings

The popularity of diamonds originally grew from a marketing strategy deployed by the De Beers company in the 1930’s. Diamonds were in fact a choice for rings, but before the 1930’s were believed only one option and people chose diamonds less and less frequently back then. Many people in fact purchased inexpensive options, preferring to spend their money on other things.. The De Beers family saw an opportunity for people to buy diamonds they have exclusives to, in 1938 De Beers initiated a years long, marketing effort and multi million dollar press effort that sought to instill the diamond with status and meaning.

Their goal was in their publicity was to turn the gem to a necessity, and also to show that the diamond is accepted and known as the symbol of betrothal. To this end, the family got actors to be photographed wearing glittery rings, put them in films, had radio programs discuss the new trend towards diamonds, as well as sent lecturers to high schools to speak with young women who were getting married, about the significance of selecting the diamond for their engagement rings. The tagline “A Diamond Is Forever” was formulated not simply to evoke eternal love, but to also intentionally discourage people from ever re-selling their jewelry. Causing people to keep more than 500 million diamonds. Thereby ensuring a regular ongoing customer base to market for new diamonds.

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