How to plan a Hawaii Beach Elopement / Wedding in 30 days or less.

How to plan a Hawaii Beach Elopement / Wedding in 30 days or less.

Select your preferred date and time. Things to consider are the time of year, the weather during that time and also sunrise and sunset times. Mornings and early evenings provide the best lighting for beaches that have lots of open spaces. If you are surrounded by trees, then midday would be fine.

  1. Find a location. If you’re staying in Waikiki, you will probably want to travel a bit to get away from the crowds. A 15-30 minutes drive can make a huge difference and provide much more privacy. For a list of locations that we have already researched,click here.
  2. Pick a beach wedding package. We offer 3 packages ranging from a simple elopement with just the two of you… As well as other services such as photography and a hair/make up artist. All of them are trained professionals that will make your day simple and stress free.
  3. If there are other services you want such as flowers, videographer, musicians, etc. I am happy to make a recommendation.
  4.  Apply for your marriage license.To be legally married in Hawaii, you must apply for a license in Hawaii. When you arrive in Hawaii, you must go to the Department of Health together and show them your identification. There is also a $65 fee.
  5. Meet me at the ceremony location and I will handle the rest.

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