Last Minute Wedding

Last Minute Wedding

Whether your wedding is weeks, or even days away, we can make an intimate wedding in Hawaii happen for you that includes a beautiful beach location, an officiant to perform the ceremony, and a professional photographer to capture your moments.  We can even assist with booking a hair/makeup stylist, flowers, musicians, etc.  Our team of professionals will simplify the process for you even if you’ve got a last minute wedding.

last minute wedding


A lot of venues in Hawaii require you to book a full site fee and bring in all the rentals needed for a reception. That can add thousands of dollars to your costs. Some affordable wedding venues offer a ceremony-only booking for a much lower price, which is perfect if you just want a ceremony.

When looking at venue options think about what kind of atmosphere you want. Are you looking for locations near the water, in the forest or mountains, or at a resort. Also think about season. Hawaii’s weather is pretty consistent year-round, but travel rates and venue availability can change month to month. So choose off-season dates when possible, like March through May or September through November. This is especially helpful for a last minute wedding.

Of course if this is a last minute wedding, many private venues will not be available.  Rest assured, you can also select from our list of beach wedding locations that are included with our selection of wedding packages.

Quick elopement at the park


You probably won’t have any need for a rehearsal if this is a last minute wedding but a rehearsal is usually the night before or two nights before the wedding. It’s a chance for everyone involved in the ceremony to rehearse their parts—from entering, where they stand and exit cues. It’s often conducted by the officiant or wedding planner. Some couples use this opportunity to give gifts to their bridesmaids and groomsmen, and to offer toasts before opening up the floor for longer speeches at the reception.

A dinner following the rehearsal is also a great time to introduce your out-of-town guests to the area. Many local restaurants offer menus featuring cuisine that represents the honeymoon destination or a favorite date spot of the couple. A list of local favorites can be included in a welcome bag or on the wedding website for easy reference.

During the rehearsal, it’s also a good idea for the couple to pack an emergency kit with things like extra cuff links, bobby pins, aspirin, deodorant, a needle and thread, duct tape (for last minute hem issues), traction pads for heels and backup copies of their music choices in case something goes wrong on the big day. This will help keep the stress levels down if anything unexpected happens.

If you’re planning on a small getaway elopement, then a rehearsal is really not necessary at all.  Just show up at the wedding and allow us to handle the details.


The week of your wedding is likely to be a busy one. You’ll be finalizing contracts with suppliers, making sure your wedding party has their outfits, and getting any items that are being dropped off or delivered (such as tablecloths) ready to go. This checklist will help you stay on track and ensure that all of your essential tasks are taken care of.

It’s also a good time to do any last minute head count submissions for your venue and caterer, so they know how many people to expect at the reception. You’ll also want to order your wedding cake and confirm any final details with your florist, photographer, or entertainment providers.

If you’re planning a last-minute outdoor ceremony, make sure the weather forecast is looking good and your chosen location can accommodate the number of guests you’re expecting. You should also consider putting together an emergency kit to keep with you and your spouse on your big day. Include a couple of extra bobby pins, aspirin, kleenex, an emergency phone charger, and deodorant.

Finally, even if it is a last minute wedding, make a date for you and your partner to spend some quality time together, away from any family or friends who may be present for the ceremony and reception. This can be a great way to calm your nerves and set aside some time for just the two of you.


The week of your wedding is going to be hectic, but if you’ve done your job right, most of the heavy lifting will have been completed. You’ll have booked everything from your venue and suppliers to entertainers and transportation. Your guests’ outfits will be altered and ready to go. Any rented items like tablecloths and chairs will be delivered or collected. Your florist, baker and any other vendors will have been contacted to confirm times and are waiting on your final head count.

Double-check the time your ceremony will end with your venue to make sure they know when you need to leave. You should also give the best man or maid of honor responsibility for giving out your pre-made envelopes for tips to vendors at the wedding so they don’t get lost.

We suggest including something unique in your seating arrangements, such as a sign, to add a personal touch that’s easy to implement last minute. It can be as simple as ‘Please stand by your name’ or a quote that resonates with you both, We are also a fan of creating unique escort cards, which can be as simple as a small rug for each couple that leads to their seat. It’s a great way to add some fun personality and colour to your big day!

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