Lunch dates are good for your marriage

Lunch dates are good for your marriage

What’s a marriage lunch date?

A marriage lunch date is exactly what it sounds like – a meeting with your spouse or partner for lunch. To eat, talk, catch up, and generally spend time together. To have intentional time and space together on a regular basis.

How will you implement lunch date? That’s simple…the trick to success is going to be intentionality. Do not let anything get in the way of your lunch dates! Now, lunch dates should not replace more formal dates that occur weekly or monthly, but they ought to improve them.


When lunch dates become an regular event to spend some time and space with your only true love, your relationship bond becomes stronger. Spending time together aids in preventing marital distance and helps maintain the connection and friendship.

To make this a strong ritual, you might wish to select a particular day of the week and block a normal time for a lunch date. Or maybe your schedule does not allow for that and you have to be more flexible and more spontaneous. That works too. Just make sure the lunch dates occur on the routine.

Here are few samples of what lunch date might look like –

  • The Newlyweds – she’s got a busy schedule, spends most of her day in an office. He packs a picnic, stops at the office, and they picnic outside her office on the yard. Short, sweet, romantic, and easy.
  • Working pair – they have corporate jobs but work near each other. He texts her to meet him halfway at 12:00pm for a lunch in their most favored joint. It is totally cool, completely fast, and very enjoyable.
  • The Parents of Young Children – She calls a buddy and asks for a babysitting swap. She drops the children off and meets up with her husband for a lunch date in a local market.
  • The Parents of Teens – It is summer and the children are out of school. He tells his teenage son to be accountable and ensure no one dies while they’re gone. The dad leaves for an appointment with his wife. This shows the son knows that his parents care about their relationship and prioritize each other.

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