Men’s wear for a warm Hawaiian wedding

Men’s wear for a warm Hawaiian wedding

For most of the year, Hawaii will host warm days and long nights. And that can affect how you choose your attire for a wedding.

When you’re dressing for your a friend’s wedding day, it’s pretty easy for a lot of women. She will probably pick a dress – a nice form fitting number featuring this season’s must-have print – that follows the following guidelines: no white, nothing too low-cut or short.

For the guys, it’s going to be a little different. For many years, we have been told that a dark suit, classic tie and a pressed white shirt is the way to go. While this is classic and standard, a summer wedding does offer more of a chance to showcase your individual style.

When dressing for any wedding, remember where you are going. Be mindful of the weather and dress code. It is better to appear well-dressed and understated, so you don’t risk the chance of stealing the attention away from the happy couple.


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