5 Ways To Create The Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal

5 Ways To Create The Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal

Bridesmaid Proposal
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What is a bridesmaid proposal? As the engagement ring sits dazzling on your finger, thoughts of the big day fill your mind: visions of the dress of your dreams, doting family members wishing you all the love in the world, and a circle of bridesmaids for support.

Before your dreams can become a reality, there are several details to get in order. One of them is choosing those special individuals you want as your maid of honor and bridesmaids. On top of that, there is the way you plan to pitch the idea of them sharing your most special day.

In recent years, it’s become trendy to make asking the simple, yet significant, question into a somewhat more elaborate presentation. However, the point isn’t about putting together a grand or photo-worthy gesture. It’s about expressing just how much your favorite women mean to you and your desire to have them be a part of your celebration.

How you choose to go about it can serve as a reflection of you, your cherished relationships or it can be in line with a wedding theme. You can go all out with something extravagant and gimmicky, or keep it intimate with a short and sweet idea. With so many possibilities, it can be difficult to decide.

Below are some fun and distinctive bridesmaid proposal ideas to help you tell the lovely ladies in your life, “I can’t say I do without you!”

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Bridesmaid Proposal Possibilities to Consider

Host a Wine Night
If you or your besties enjoy indulging in a few drinks, why not host a wine tasting night? During the evening, bring each person a bottle of her preferred red, white or rosé vino. You can go a step further by personalizing the bottles with DIY or custom labels, showcasing a playful message asking them to be in your wedding party. Also great as a keepsake, this fun idea is the perfect way to raise a toast to your friendship and make the request extra special.

Soak Up the Sun in Personalized Sunhats
Planning a beach ceremony or summertime wedding? How about surprising your girls with personalized sunhats? Stylish and distinctive, this inspired gift idea can be a part of a Hawaii beach wedding package or incorporated into their ensembles. Plus, they’re great for making sure no one is sunburned for the ceremony.

Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth
Yummy and budget-friendly, one idea is to bake some treats to offer along with the proposal. From homemade chocolates to gourmet macarons from a local bakery, there is a flavorful world of delicious options. Give the goods a perfect finishing touch with custom wrappers, packaging or an edible message right on top. If you’re not the baking type, there’s an expansive market of various delicacies available for the bridesmaid proposals or for the bridal shower.

Arrange a Spa Day
Celebrate the occasion with a girl’s trip to the spa or throw one at home. Perfect for pampering and making a fuss over your gal pals, this idea can be centered on relaxing before commencing the enthusiastic planning. Enhance the day with thoughtful gifts. You could surprise them with candles in their favorite scents, satin robes in your wedding colors, or a grab bag filled with spa session staples. Whichever way you choose to spoil your squad, organizing a spa day can be a soothing way to kick off the festivities.

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Throw a Game Night
If surprises are more your style, try inviting the ladies over for fun under the guise of a game night. After the card games or board games are over, announce everyone is a winner and gets a prize. Hand out these “prizes” to everyone, such as their favorite candy, flowers, specially made T-shirts or however you want to make the proposal unique. You can also help the event stand out by incorporating a wedding or salute to love theme.

Your Day, Your Way

In the end, there are no rules in terms of how to ask or what to buy. Whether you choose
something specific to the celebration or a sentimental keepsake, your girls are sure to love and appreciate the thought you put into the proposal. Just keep in mind how much they mean to you, the memories you share and go from there.

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