OMG! Rain forecasted on my Wedding Day!

OMG! Rain forecasted on my Wedding Day!

How to Embrace Rain on Wedding Day

Getting married on a rainy day is not the end of the world. Rather, you can embrace it, and even have fun with your pictures!

Coordinate wedding colors with your wedding day theme

Choosing wedding colours can be a challenge. Not only do you have to choose the perfect palette, but you’ll also have to consider the venue decor. The colors you choose should reflect your style, the season, and the theme of the wedding.

A color wheel can be a great way to organize your colours. A colour wheel is a diagram that organizes different shades into a cohesive palette. For instance, if you want a beach-themed wedding, you could choose a light, airy palette of pale blue. You can add a pop of bright orange, or a hint of purple, to complement the lighter tones.

If you’re having a springtime wedding, you can highlight the blossoming flowers and foliage in your palette. Light green and blush are a popular combination for garden weddings. If you’re having a late summer wedding, deep berry tones work well for mountainous or barn-style events. You can also add metallic accents to make your collection of colors truly spectacular.

Plan a contingency plan

Creating a rain on wedding day contingency plan will help reduce stress on the big day and allow you to enjoy the event. It’s not easy to plan for everything, but preparing for the rain is worth it.

A rain on wedding day backup plan may include a tent, marquee or canopy covering the ceremony space. This will not only protect the bride and groom from the elements, but it will also keep the guests dry. Depending on the size of your event, you may want to hire a professional to cover your ceremony site.

Another idea is to provide umbrellas to all guests at the entrance to the venue. A large umbrella is especially important to keep elderly and infirm guests dry.

There are plenty of other things to consider in planning a rain on wedding day backup plan. The most obvious is to notify your guests of the possibility of bad weather. If you plan to have an outdoor ceremony, you should also check the weather forecast for the area.

Rainy Wedding Day in Hawaii

Have fun with your photos

Taking photos in the rain can be fun, but it can also be uncomfortable. There are a few tricks to take advantage of the weather and make your wedding photos a memorable experience.

The first trick is to find a cover. You can use a tree, awning, or building overhang to shield you and your wedding party from the elements.

The second trick is to have a plan. This includes coordinating with the wedding vendors and making sure your guests have umbrellas and blankets. The most important thing to remember is to have a positive attitude. This can help keep your perspective and get better photos.

The best photos are those that take place under cloudy, overcast skies. This allows for diffused light to flatter everyone in the room. This is especially true for the bride and groom.

The best photos might also include a DIY hot chocolate bar and horseback ride. These are not only a lot of fun, but they will add to your overall wedding experience.

Embrace the rain

Embrace the rain on your wedding day. The rain can add romance to your photos and make your wedding more intimate.

The rain will also give your guests a warm feeling. Having a backup plan will help you if the weather changes. Be prepared with throws, heat lamps, and plenty of umbrellas. You might also want to provide extra blankets to your guests. They will appreciate it.

If the weather turns out to be bad, you can change your schedule to accommodate indoor activities. Consider horseback rides, hot drinks, and a DIY hot chocolate bar. If you’re having a ceremony in the outdoors, consider having tents to keep your guests dry. You may even want to include fire pits and hot beverages.


You can also buy rain accessories such as pashminas and colorful umbrellas. You can even get a pretty wedding umbrella to use for your pictures. Having an umbrella can make your pictures more memorable.

You can even have a first look in the rain. If your gown isn’t waterproof, ask your groom to help you keep it dry. You can also purchase gumboots or other shoes that are designed for wet conditions.

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