Romantic Locations for Your Hawaii Elopement

Romantic Locations for Your Hawaii Elopement

Your decision to elope might be one of the best ones you make about your bridal celebration. Choosing a small, intimate union instead of a big traditional event will take loads of stress off your back and allow you to truly enjoy your moments. When organizing big celebrations, you often get lost in the bridal details and tasks, so you forget to soak in the great beginning of the new chapter of your life. That is why now we have elopements – small, intimate, and utterly romantic. 

Once you decide on a Hawaii elopement, you will need to find the perfect location for your special day. An event of this magnitude requires something mystic and romantic, meaning you have to focus your search on spots with these features. Considering the fact that this gorgeous exotic place has many amazing spots where you can exchange your vows, it might get difficult to pick one. 

Luckily, we have your back, so you can avoid all the overwhelming feelings when it comes to choosing the right location. In this blog, we have added some of the most romantic Hawaii elopement locations where you can tie the knot with your loved one and start your life in matrimony the right way. Below, you will read all about the spectacular surroundings of Hawaii, which can serve as your elopement backdrop. Your only task will be to choose one!

Hawaii elopement couple enjoying on the beach

Extraordinary Hawaii Elopement Locations

  • Waialae Beach

One of the most romantic spots for a Hawaii elopement is definitely Waialae Beach. It is a place of stunning surroundings and colorful scenery that will take your breath away. In addition, the beach is part of the most gorgeous area of Hawaii, which is considered The Beverly Hills of the Island State. You can exchange your vows with a spectacular background and enjoy the natural hues of the beach. If you decide on this pot for your elopement, prepare for an outstanding photo session in this dreamy place. 

Moreover, if you choose it for your ceremony, you will get astonishing views and convenience. Waialae Beach is close to the most beautiful resorts in this area, so you can simply walk to your ceremony when the big day comes. In other words, you will not be bothered by transport and other similar details that can be annoying on such a big occasion. 

Getting married in Hawaii

  • Waimanalo Beach

Another romantic location included in our Hawaiian Elopement Packages is Waimanalo Beach. This gorgeous spot is away from the town’s noise and traffic, and it is considered a true paradise for couples who are about to tie the knot. Another name for this glorious beach is Sherwood Forest because it is surrounded by magnificent lush greenery and awe-inspiring treasures of nature.

If you always desired a Hawaii beach elopement, this is your ideal place. The heavenly setting will create a majestic backdrop for your elopement photographs, so you will be able to achieve authentic bridal memories. It is, without a doubt, a miraculous spot for a Hawaii elopement, so begin your life together in a wondrous way!

Waimanalo Beach

  • Magic Island

As the name suggests, this is a place of magic. Magic Island is a part of our elopement packages in Hawaii because it offers spectacular scenery ideal for romantic ceremonies and new beginnings. This spot is one of the most visited places on the coastline of Oahu, which is not a surprise considering it involves a little bit of everything. Specifically, there is a large wonderful park situated between Waikiki and Honolulu, giving spectacular views of both. 

Moreover, there are breathtaking sandy shores and a protected swimming lagoon you can enjoy while staying there. Diamond Head is conveniently nearby, making for a picturesque backdrop in all your wedding photographs. If you strive for both lush greenery and the soothing sea, this is the ideal location for your Hawaii elopement ceremony!

  • Papailoa Beach 

When looking for the most romantic Hawaii elopement location focusing on privacy, look no further than Papailoa Beach. The beach is situated within a residential area that includes luxurious multi-million-dollar beachfront properties. The coastline provides both sandy and rocky settings for your elopement in Hawaii, with the added allure of crashing waves in the background. It is the perfect setting for stunning and dramatic wedding photos. Although the beach might have some visitors, the spacious surroundings make it feel as if you have the entire place to yourselves. And that is the whole point of a Hawaiian elopement! 

As we previously mentioned, it is a great private location for intimate ceremonies away from the city’s noise. If you decide to marry here, you should consider having your union in the morning or during sunset. These are the times when Papailoa Beach looks the most stunning, so you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty as you say “I do”!

  • Kawela Bay

If you want a remote setting for your elopement in Hawaii, then choosing Kawela Bay will give you the best results. This romantic location is considered the hidden gem among beaches in Hawaii, where the breathtaking forests and sandy shoreline make an extraordinary blend. The woods include banyan trees in every possible form. So, you can make your elopement truly authentic with such scenery!

Kawela Bay is the perfect location for an elopement photo shoot as well. The lighting is marvelous throughout the day, so you can have glorious shots created right along the beach or in the magnificent beauty of the woods. Be prepared to end up with majestic photographs with enchanting backdrops. 

These are some of the most dazzling Hawaii elopement locations you can choose for your special day. Our Hawaiian elopement packages feature these spectacular locations, so you will find what you are looking for for sure. However, if a beach is not your preferred location, you can also opt to get married in one of the beautiful parks of Honolulu. Hawaii offers a lot of choices, and all of them are at your disposal! 

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