Hawaii Wedding Minister and Officiant : 2014 Resolutions for Couples

What can you do for your marriage in 2014?

Try making a New Year’s resolution to improve your relationship. Here are some ideas to get started:

Schedule several “Date Nights” for the first few months of the year.

Draw up your 2013 household budget together. Discuss spending priorities, including charitable donations.

Pray or meditate each week about your goals. Then hare your reflections with each other.

Resolve to read at least one book on how to strengthen your relationship.

While it’s important to strengthen the marriage relationship, marriage is also about service. It’s true that marriage benefits the couple, but it’s also good for their family, community, and the Church. Resolve to do at least one service activity this year, as a family or a couple. Perhaps it’s bringing canned goods to the local food pantry on a regular basis or helping out with a local community project.

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