Hawaii Wedding Minister and Officiant : Qualities to strive for in marriage

1. Be Present

What I mean when I say presence is your ability to be consciously connected to the here and now. Your partner can feel your presence when you listen to them. They can feel your presence when you are deeply engaged in a task that 's important to them. They can feel your presence when you're connected to your core.

Presence is a practice. It's something you can get better at. Culturally, we're in an epidemic of not being present; we find many ways to distract ourselves all day long. But if you want to learn to be more present, you can! The easiest way to do so is to start a meditation practice. Meditation will train you to connect to the here and now.

2. Have a Purpose

A person with a purpose in life is very attractive. Your purpose can be any number of things. It can be to change the world. It can be to push your body to its limits. It can be to build a business or build homes. It can be to be to make art, or to be the kindest person you know. It's not about what your purpose is (although, honestly, the more it benefits humanity, the better — but that's just my opinion). What matters is that you have a purpose or that you're in the process of discovering it.

If you don't feel connected to your purpose yet, the best way to find it is to ask yourself what you're most passionate about. Your purpose is usually about sharing your passion with the world.

3. Have Direction

With purpose comes direction. Purpose is knowing what you are here to do and direction is doing it. Everyone is attracted to someone who get things done. They have a plan, and They've taking steps (even small ones) to accomplish it. This is a your direction. If your partner knows that you can navigate well on your own, then they have more room to relax in your presence. They don't have to show you how to do it, because you already know how.

4. Honesty and trust

Obviously, trust and honesty are important qualities in all relationships. Trust comes from acting in honest ways, but the definition goes beyond that. What I mean when I say trust is, can someone trust that you're being honest with yourself? When you learn to be deeply honest with yourself (about your struggles, shortcomings, challenges, strengths, all of it), then your partner will feel your integrity. And they'll trust you, too.

5. Humor

Humor has the ability to lighten a mood when life gets bogged down with stress, emotions, as well as to-do lists. If you can make your partner laugh, it's a gateway to flow. You will both be very grateful for the ability to add joy and light to day-to-day life.

Adapted from article written by Shelly Bullard.

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