What type of wedding are you having?

A Traditional Wedding in Hawaii
  • Traditional/Formal: This is the most popular, most traditional, and oftentimes, most expensive way for most couples who marry in the United States. Part of the extensive (and expensive) planning process may include dresses and tuxedos for the entire bridal party, elaborate floral arrangements, limousine services, fine dining and live music. Couples will either hold their wedding ceremony indoors (church), or outdoors (garden, beach, or an outdoor location with a scenic view). Following the ceremony, a reception is held where guests are fed a lavish meal, with a reception program, consisting of a live band or DJ.

A Destination Wedding in Hawaii
  • Destination: This is becoming very popular in America as it allows couples to marry at a location away from home, allowing them to freely design their wedding ceremony to fit the location of choice. This allows the couple to easily transition their trip to a honeymoon.

A Military Wedding in Hawaii
  • Military: A military wedding is a formal wedding where the bride and/or groom is a member of the Armed Forces and is dressed in their uniform. At the end of the ceremony, the groomsmen (who are actively in the Armed Forces and dressed in their uniforms) will traditionally form an “arch of steel” with their swords as the bride and groom pass through.

A Elopement / Civil Wedding in Hawaii
  • Elopement: Couples will choose this option for a variety of reasons. Military deployment, unexpected pregnancy, opposition to the marriage, or simply to avoid attention could be a few reasons why couples would choose to elope.

Whatever type of wedding you choose to have, Rev. James is experienced in it and will help to make your day smooth and carefree.

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