Star Wars Wedding

Star Wars Wedding

May the 4th is coming up soon and if you’re a Star Wars fan, then a themed Star Wars Wedding in Hawaii incorporating the franchise into your big day is a great way to show off your passion for your favorite movie.

It’s important to avoid going too far down the cheesy side, though, so we’ve got some tips to keep your Star Wars wedding subtly geeky without looking like a kids’ party. From invitations to reception decor, find out how to incorporate Star Wars into your big day!

Star Wars Wedding at Aiea Loop Trail
Star Wars Wedding at Aiea Loop Trail


If you love Star Wars and want to incorporate a bit of it into your Hawaii wedding, there are several ways to go about this. First, you can start with your wedding invitations.

Use a font that is reminiscent of the titles from the movies, and include some of the most well-known symbols from the series. You could even add some Star Wars theme wording like “together the force is strong” or “May the Force be with you.”

Next, consider your decorations. From Star Wars table numbers to Stormtrooper helmets, there are many ideas to choose from for a Star Wars themed wedding.

If you’re planning on having a reception, consider offering a lightsaber-style centerpiece that replicates the kyber crystals found in the original Star Wars film. These centerpieces are perfect for a light-hearted touch and will look great on any table. Plus, they’ll add some fun glow-in-the-dark lighting to your reception.

Save-the-date magnets

A save-the-date is a great way to let your friends and family know about your wedding. These announcements are generally sent out months ahead of your actual invitations and alert guests to the date, time and location of your celebration.

A unique Star Wars Wedding save-the-date magnet is a great way to show off your love for the franchise. This one-of-a-kind magnet features the Millennium Falcon, which can be personalized to match your wedding colors.

Another fun and creative way to incorporate props into your Star Wars wedding is through a lightsaber centerpiece for the tables. These centerpieces replicate the kyber crystals used in the Star Wars series and sit in lightsaber-style holders that will brighten up any table.

If you are looking for something a little more subtle, a guest book can also be an effective Star Wars themed touch. Have your guests sign a Star Wars-themed guest book, which will not only be fun but a great reminder of your special day.

Star Wars Wedding Favors
Star Wars Wedding Favors


If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise and you want to incorporate its themes into your wedding, there are so many things that you can do. From your invitations to your decorations, it’s easy to transform your special day into one out of this world!

The first step to incorporating the movie series into your ceremony is to choose a theme that fits your aesthetic. Rich jewel tones are a good starting point for this kind of celebration, as they are reminiscent of the classic logo from the original film branding.

Once you’ve chosen a color palette, pick out unique centerpieces that identify each table. For example, a glass bowl with Lego Star Wars characters will create a cute centerpiece for the head table of your wedding party. Or, you can opt for a droid-shaped centerpiece with a slit cut to reveal a light saber inside. It will be a fun addition to the venue and will definitely help set the mood for the evening!


If you’re a Star Wars fan, you can’t go wrong with incorporating the franchise into your wedding day. From cufflinks and socks to manicures, you can add a little bit of the series into every aspect of your big day, no matter what your style is.

For example, a couple recently had their wedding guests dressed up as their favorite characters from the saga. From a stormtrooper to a Jedi, this is sure to make your guests feel a bit more special.

The same can be said for decorations at the reception. For example, you could include miniature Millenium Falcons into your bouquets and centerpieces, and place candles into holders reminiscent of lightsabers.

You can also ask your guests where their allegiance lies with “Join the Rebel Alliance” RSVP cards and add stormtrooper gift tags to wedding favors and bridal party gifts. Then, you can send your guests home with a fun memento of their epic wedding night.

Star Wars Wedding
Light Saber Dance

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