Surfing the 5 Best Beaches on Oahu

Surfing the 5 Best Beaches on Oahu

Surfing the Best Beaches on Oahu


If you are planning for your upcoming Hawaiian wedding then maybe you will want to consider the best beaches in Oahu. Oahu is the biggest U.S. Island in the Central Pacific and home to Honolulu’s state capital, Honolulu. It is blessed with beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, cultural heritage and plenty of activities that make it one of the top vacation destinations. Highlights of this lovely island include the pristine Punchbowl, historical Chinatown and a spectacular crater-turned-dining area. West of Honolulu lies Pearl Harbor, with its legendary WWII bombing spot and numerous nightlife and dining options.

When planning for your Oahu weddings or honeymoon trip there are many things to keep in mind. Two of the most beautiful beaches in Oahu are Kailua and Sunset Beach. Both of these beaches are backed by steep cliffs and offer a different view when one goes swimming. At Sunset Beach, the waves are more disciplined and crashing is less frequent compared to Kailua.

Kailua Beach has plenty of nude sunbathers as well as plenty of options for great surfing. The waves here are smaller but the weather is perfect for beginners who are looking to master the techniques required for surfing. Sunset Beach is also another popular place for Oahu weekend getaways. The waves are much calmer here, but it is still a great place for beginners to learn the art of surfing. A great place to hang out is Diamond Head State Park. The huge crater here is the same place where the USS Arizona was sunk during WW II.

In addition to surfing, the locals also enjoy water skiing and kayaking on the renowned Waikiki Beach. The beaches here are much calmer than the others but not necessarily as quiet as the other popular beaches. If you are an avid surfer you can find a good spot here. The cool ocean currents make for excellent swimming conditions. However, being out at sea can be dangerous if the tide is high enough for surfers.

Another excellent option for Oahu weekend getaways is the triple crown of Hawaii beaches; Hanalei Bay, Hanauma Bay, and Kapueokahi. These three beaches are popular because they each offer surfers a unique type of water sport. Hanalei Bay features good waves for beginners and the ocean itself is a great place for swimmers since it is deep enough to surfers of all skill levels.

On the other hand, Hanauma Bay is one of Hawaii’s premier surfing beaches. This area is less crowded than the other more popular beaches in Oahu and offers some quiet solitude. It also tends to stay cooler and is often frequented by locals during the day. Of all the beaches on Oahu, it is probably the most functional with regard to directions to take to reach other islands. Of the top three best beaches on Oahu, Hanalei is probably the best to begin with since there are shuttle services to take visitors from the airport to various locations on Oahu.

For families on a family vacation, the top three best beaches on Oahu are the Big Beaches, Sunset Beach, and Hanauma Bay. The beaches are relatively deserted on days when it isn’t busy with tourists. The best time to head out for a surf session on these beaches is late afternoon since it is likely that the surf season will be ending by then. At sunset, the golden sand turns a lovely shade of blue and offers great views of everything around. This natural setting is conducive to having a fun family surf trip.

The second best beach on Oahu is Hanalei Bay. It is less crowded than the other two beaches, but still offers great sun and surf. There are areas in the bay where you can sit out on a nice shade and wait for the big waves to come crashing down. Most people head to Hanauma bay during the day to try to find a good spot for swimming, but after you go home you may want to try somewhere else because there are great waves everywhere. Of all the beaches on Oahu, the one most famous is Hanalei bay, which is why it is called the “Bay of Angels.”

One of the six major islands of Hawaii, Oahu is known for being home to the state’s capital city of Honolulu and its fantastic access to the outdoors and nature. Home to around 1 million people, there are many beautiful and unique locations on the island that locals love to explore. If you are looking for an exciting place to check out, look no further, Redfin reached out to locals to share our favorite beautiful places on Oahu. So whether you’ve just moved into an apartment in Waikiki, a house in Kailua, or just want to know where to go, be sure to check out Beautiful Places on Oahu That Locals Love and Are a Must for Newcomers.

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