What is a Wedding Vision Board and 3 Reasons They’re fun to Create

What is a Wedding Vision Board and 3 Reasons They’re fun to Create

Guest Blog by Kelly Sugano of A Perfect Day Weddings

Every wedding begins with a vision! A great way to explore and organize your ideas is with a Wedding Vision Board. A Vision Board allows you to not only display all of your ideas, dreams, and wishes, but also serves as an amazing way to manifest your goals. Your vision board will keep your dream alive while also showing others exactly what you’re looking for!  

Wedding Vision Board


When you think of your wedding day the first thing you think of probably isn’t budgeting or timelines, but instead the ambiance and vibe of your big day! The style of your wedding can greatly influence the energy and feel of your big day, from your decor to flowers! Your choice of venue, guest count, and even the vendors play a big role in this vision! Manifesting your dreams into reality begins with a purpose, so why do you need a wedding vision board?

  • They Keep you Organized
    • As you may know, there is so MUCH wedding content out there! You can get wedding ideas from TV Shows, Movies, Vlogs, Social Media, Books, YouTube, and so many other mediums that it’s really easy to be overwhelmed with all things weddings. Vision boards are a great way to organize all your thoughts and help you focus on the details that you really want!
  • They help you Establish a Voice
    • When planning a wedding many of your family and friends may want to get involved. They may start providing advice, ideas, and their own opinions for what you should and shouldn’t do. Having a wedding vision board that captures what you truly want will be your guide through the opinions of others and allow you to have something that you can constantly circle back to and ensure that you are only including what you truly want!


Vision Board

What to put on your Wedding Vision Board

  • Color Palettes
  • Bride and Bridal Party Fashion
  • Save the Dates & Invitations Designs
  • Florals
  • Decor Items
  • Fabrics such as Drapery and Linens
  • Cocktails and Catering
  • Wedding Cakes and Desserts
  • Favors

3 Reasons They’re Fun to Create

  1. They Show you What you Really Want
  • Your wedding vision board will be a collection of all of your favorite things! While creating the board you can let your wedding dreams flow. Then after it’s all done you’ll be able to look back at it and it’ll be your happy place during the process of planning for the big day!   
  1. It’s a Creative Outlet for you to Display your Ideas
  • Making a list of your wedding ideas is one way to organize your vision but creating a board with photos or words that inspire you, will allow you to have a creative way to show off all of your ideas! Take clippings, fabrics, and anything that fits the vision of your wedding! Everyone’s vision is different, so make your board a reflection of you and your partner! 
  1. It’s Planning with Pictures!
  • Your vision board is something that you can look at everyday that will not only get you excited for the day you marry the love of your life but it will be your constant reminder of what could be! You can even make it an activity with you and your partner, wedding party, and family! You’ll be planning your wedding and making a memory! 

TIP: Once you make a wedding decision, hold off on searching for those items. This will prevent you from changing your mind and keep you focused on your vision in that area that has been achieved!


Wedding Vision

Where to Create Vision Boards

For a digital board the following site are great resources!

  • Pinterest: Filled with tons of photos and links to various  websites you can use inspiration that you find on this site to add to your board or you can “pin” items to a digital board that you can scroll through!
  • Canva: Select the size of canvas you want to use and then start adding to it! Search google, pinterst, instagram and select the photos that inspire you and include them on your blank board. 


The Knot

Opting for a physical board? 

  • Check out your local craft store for materials to create the board.
  • Fabric can be found at local thrift stores.
  • Cut out photos from your favorite Bridal Magazines.
  • Add invitations from past weddings.
  • Use color swatches.
  • Print photos.

Creating a wedding vision board organizes your dreams and is a fun way to visualize what your big day will look and feel like! 🙂


Happy Planning!

(A Perfect Day)


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