About Rev. James Chun - Hawaii Wedding Officiant

Reverend James Chun was ordained as a Hawaii wedding officiant after being involved with weddings for over a decade. Honolulu is home to James now as he left his birthplace, China, when he was just 5 years of age.  James remembers feeling a sense of pride in becoming an American even at that young age, as he established his new life in Hawaii.  "Hawaii has given me a home, friends and my beautiful wife and children", says James. Today, James resides in Honolulu along with his wife, two girls and doggie, Chewie.

Before becoming a Hawaii wedding officiant, James owned and operated a video production company that specialized in wedding films.

Married to his wife since 1996, James believes in marriage. During his free time, James enjoys movies, cooking and staying fit at the gym; but most of all, spending time with family and friends.

James' logo also expresses his beliefs.  The four colors represent the seasons of life.  Each box shows a vital aspect in our lives. The yellow box represents family, the pink is love, blue signifies health and the green denotes prosperity.  In the center of it all, a cross, representing faith.  "I believe that God designed us all with the unique ability to create happiness in ourselves and those around us", says James.  He believes there are six things that everyone should  practice regularly.

  1. Pray - Give thanks for where we are, pray for guidance in where we want to go.

  2. Be Active - Activity is good for the body and the mind.  It reduces stress, lifts your mood and keeps you young.

  3. Work - The pursuit of happiness is often more rewarding than the prize.

  4. Love - The most important thing in life are your relationships.  Cherish each of them daily.

  5. Experience - Try something new.  It could be as simple as trying a new route on a daily run or a new restaurant.  New experiences always bring joy and freshness to life.

  6. Respect yourself - Knowing your self worth and being happy with yourself is vital.  Without it, there is little that success, fame or relationships can do to make you happy in the long run.


When booking with Rev. James, you are getting more than just your officiant.  You are securing a reputation of reliabilty. James has been counted on by countless couples as well as some of Hawaii premiere wedding venues as a trusted professional.


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