Great Locations for your Beach Wedding

Waimanalo Bay

On the north-east shore, this beach lies along the eastern half of Waimanalo Beach, with an overall length of nearly 5.5 mi (8.8 km), the longest stretch of sandy shoreline on Oahu.  Many weddings are held here but because of its vastness, privacy is not a issue.


Scorecard (1-5)


  • Privacy:  5

  • Parking:  5

  • Convenience:  3

Waialae Beach

​Also known as Kahala Beach, this is one of the prettiest coastlines on Oahu for your photos. Located on the south shore of Oahu, this park has a beautiful lawn area with palm trees and is home to many luxury vacation resorts.  


Scorecard (1-5)


  • Privacy:  4

  • Parking:  3

  • Convenience:  4

Makapuu Beach

Located between Waikiki and Waimanalo, Makapuu is a favorite among Oahu locals.  It is not very private but also not as busy as the shores of Waikiki.  Makapuu offers a variety of options.  You can stand barefoot on the sand, go a little higher and be on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or enjoy a scenic backdrop of other little island just a little off the shoreline.  It's a great spot that will give you that perfect instagram worth photo you're looking for.

Scorecard (1-5)

  • Privacy:  3

  • Parking:  2

  • Convenience:  4

Papailoa Beach

A very private beach on the north shore.  Due to its limited accessibility, there are very few visitors to this beach.  It is tucked away behind luxury beach front homes.  However it does have a small parking lot.  This is a great spot for a very small group.


Scorecard (1-5)


  • Privacy:  5

  • Parking:  2

  • Convenience:  2

Duke Kahanamoku Beach

Located right in the heart of Waikiki, this beach gives you a backdrop of the famous Diamond Head.  You find this beach very popular with visitors so it is not very private.  However, if you are staying Waikiki and want convenience, this may be the right choice for you.


Scorecard (1-5)


  • Privacy:  1

  • Parking:  4

  • Convenience:  5

Kawela Bay

January 01, 2020

Kawela Bay is located adjacent to the Turtle Bay Hotel.  There is a very private bay after walking through some trees.  You'll find occasional horseback riders strolling through the woods from time to time.  Many couples who are staying at Turtle Bay opt to have a small elopement here...avoiding the crowds and high costs of the hotel property.  You'll see in our photos that it offers a lot of privacy amidst a lush backdrop of banyan trees.

Scorecard (1-5)


  • Privacy:  5

  • Parking:  1

  • Convenience:  5 (from Turtle Bay)

Magic Island

Conveniently located just minutes from Waikiki, Magic Island is Oahu's man-made park/beach.  It was designed to have a optimal view of Diamond Head on one side and the Honolulu skyline on the other.  If you're looking to stay close to Waikiki, this is a great option.  If you're having a weekend wedding or choosing a holiday, just be aware that there will be large crowds and limited parking.  On any other day, you should be fine.


Scorecard (1-5)

  • Privacy:  2

  • Parking:  4

  • Convenience:  5

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